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Educating Minds on Empathy, Relationships, Gender and Equality

Primary Prevention is the idea of preventing hurtful behavior or violence before it happens.  We look at the root causes of why violence happens in the first place and target those areas of a student’s world.  The belief is if we can enhance protective factors (empathy, conflict resolution, healthy emotions) which support healthy development, and educate about risk factors (media, normalization of violence, stereotypes) which contribute to violence, we can avoid harmful behavior to start with.

The EMERGE program allows students to discover links between violence and culture.  Students learn to interrupt harmful behaviors and shift norms in their community to promote empathy, connection, respect and positive relationships.

The goal of the EMERGE program is to work with our communities to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors which support violence.  We explore ideas which can contribute to a violent culture such as how the media influences our youth, impact of stereotypes and more.  We also educate on topics which help build and sustain a healthy community such as emotion management, empathy skills, bystander intervention and more.

Our wish is for every individual in our community to be treated with respect and empathy, regardless of our differences.  This can help our community and its individuals create healthier relationships with peers, dating relationships, families and most importantly-with themselves.




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