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Current Areas of Need

Both Thrift Stores will always welcome volunteers!

Sexual Assault Advocacy and Direct Service Volunteering
The Crisis Center will provide 40 hours of training on a variety of topics that include: Dynamics of sexual assault, system response, working with clients, local program information and on the job training.  The role of the sexual assault advocate during crisis intervention is crucial.  You are the link to our services, the advocate for that person during a moment of crisis and a guiding hand and someone to trust.  Click here to view the upcoming March SARA training schedule. Volunteers must have a current application on file and have a volunteer interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Direct Service volunteer training will constitute 20 hours of training on hotline skills, crisis intervention, challenges facing survivors of intimate partner violence and working with survivors in shelter.  The training is a combination of self-paced content and volunteer service hours in shelter.  For those interested please speak with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Belk Charity Sales Event: FALL/SPRING

The southern style retail outlet, Belk, is having a charity sales event that helps to support local non-profits.  Volunteer opportunities include a short shift on the sales floor during which you and the volunteer coordinator will sell tickets on behalf of the Crisis Center.  You can also work on the day of the sale to fetch items reserved by customers, assist sales floor staff with various jobs and inform the public about the Crisis Center.   If you would like to participate in the Belk charity sales event, contact the volunteer coordinator.


Volunteers extend our capacity to serve. They do so joyfully, exhibiting enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to their responsibilities. Whether sorting clothes at the Crisis Center Thrift Stores or considering policy changes at the Board level, every volunteer’s contribution is received with gratitude.

Because the Crisis Center provides services to over 850 victims and children each year, we always need volunteers! Each year we are blessed with over 12,000 donated hours in a variety of job roles.

Volunteering provides benefits for both you and the Crisis Center.

You provide a much-needed service that directly or indirectly helps people impacted by intimate partner violence and/or sexual assault.  There are many ways you can choose to volunteer: Spend an hour providing childcare at the Crisis Center, staff the hotline on a weekend, join our Skills Bank and demonstrate a special skill or talent as needed, or help in the shelter office, administrative offices, or in the Crisis Center Thrift Stores.  You can assist in educating the public and raise safety awareness while making new friends at community events.  Time commitments may be suited to your schedule. Our office is open 8-5, the Thrift Stores are open 10-6, Monday through Saturday and are closed on Sunday.

Special Project Ideas:

  • An interactive lesson based on your profession or interest
  • Resume building sessions for clients
  • Sharing a special talent with our clients and children
  • Painting parking spots/Replacing fences/yard work
  • Creating files and copies of paperwork for clients and staff
  • Providing childcare
  • Reading books to children
  • Organize a fundraiser with your group or club (will require board approval)

What volunteering means for you:

You can add community service to your resume, receive credit for school, participate in training and orientation, learn a new skill, or train for a unique opportunity.

Steps to Joining our Volunteer Team

  1. Call to schedule an appointment with the volunteer coordinator, 903-893-3909
  2. Complete/submit an application, which is available online or at the Crisis Center office.
  3. Consider how you would most like to use your special skills or spend your time.
  4. Provide information for a background check, ensuring the safety of all staff, volunteers, visitors, and clients
  5. Enjoy the training provided and begin serving in a job and within a time frame that works best for you.

We invite you to explore opportunities at the Crisis Center or the Crisis Center Thrift Stores.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 903-893-3909 to schedule an appointment.