Sexual Assault Response Advocate Volunteer Training

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Sexual Assault Response Advocate

Volunteer Program
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The Crisis Center is certified by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas to offer a Sexual Assault Training Program to train individual volunteers to respond to sexual assault outcries at hospitals in Grayson County. A team of organizations including Law Enforcement at the city and county level, victim’s advocates, crime victims unit and the judicial branch through the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office, Children’s Advocacy Center and the Grayson Crisis Center are members of the SART (Sexual Assault Response Team). This team responds to adult and child acute sexual assault crisis in Grayson County by placing a trained SARA-V with the survivor in a hospital exam room with a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner).

The training program will present material on the topics of Local Program Information, Working With Survivors, System Response and the Dynamics of Sexual Assault. Each area will focus on the information an advocate will need to help the survivor process what has happened and what resources are available to them as a victim of a crime. Volunteer advocates will learn about active communication, self-care, revicitimization, forms of sexual assault, statistics at national, state and local levels and how to access support services both at the Crisis Center and in the Grayson County community. Volunteer advocates will hear presentations from local law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, Children’s Advocacy Center, Child and Family Guidance Center, Child Protective Services, Callie Clinic and the Texoma Community Center. With the help of these community partners in presenting information about their services, volunteers will learn valuable information that a survivor will need to know during and after the sexual assault exam.


To find out more, please call the Crisis Center at 903-893-3909.